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Welcome, one and all, to unREEL flicks – A place where everyday film fans and cinephiles alike can gather to read up on the latest and greatest from the world of cinema! Through our eyes, ears and mouths, of course.

Though it may not look like it due to our recent overhaul of content, unREEL flicks is indeed two years of age and very much proud of  what we’ve evolved into since our inception. Since breaking onto the scene, we’ve attended multiple film festivals, film premieres and, of course, the best part of all, hundreds of film screenings of films from all around the globe. During our time on the world wide web, we’ve had many voices come and go, evolving our style into what you’ll see before you today.

What is our style exactly? Well, at unREEL, our critics go above and beyond to provide our readers with a review style that’ll keep them both interested and entertained, in addition to being as informed as possible on the given topic or film. We aim to leave audiences with something genuine and simple. That, dear friends, is a platform you can jump off of when making your own decisions in regards to a flick!

We’re not here to cram our opinions down your throats, though we think we have some pretty solid ones. After all, you’re all grown ups, right? Here, we’d much rather that you treat our word, as you should the word of all critics, as one voice from a large, large jury. We don’t fancy ourselves the all knowing judge, but we were there for the entirety of the trail, you know? Basically, we’re here to lend a hand and pass on our thoughts. Nothing more, nothing less. Well, maybe a little more. After all, we do ask you to stay for the facts.

Once again, welcome to unREEL flicks! Thanks for stopping by!